Barca - Where to from here?

After 8 coaches in 12 years Barca are at a crossroads once again. A soft tongue-in-cheek read looking at the near future

Life hasn't been easy on you if you have been an FC Barcelona fan for the past 8 odd years. There was that 8-2 courtesy Bayern. Valverde's almost undefeated season run, laced with memories of Roma and Liverpool. Messi's burofax and subsequent departure. Coutinho scoring not one but two against Barca while on loan. Xavi-ball during Barca's peak Europa despair. The Athletic's steady drone on Barca's finances.The famous palanca's and the subsequent ridicule. Sandro Rossell's going to jail. Josep Maria Bartomeu's 'almost going to jail'. Koeman's season of surreal. The epiphany of Luuk De Jong. The abject shame of Negreira. El Presidente's goal against Madrid which gave Barca the league last season and most recently Xavi's resignation.

Plus the obligatory, Varcelona, Brokelona, Uefalona banter on social media. Tedious doesn't quite start to describe it.