Some answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to sign up to read the content?

We put an enormous amount of time and effort to create our long-form content. This is no AI generating blogs. We actually analyse, write and spend time away from our families to do this. Because we love the game and the club. In return we want to engage with real readers and not bots.

Will you charge me sneakily after I sign up?

We have no plans to charge for content on this blog for the foreseeable future. If we change our plans, we will inform you and you will have the right to not pay, and continue to be a free member.

Will you sell my data?


Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes. Always and the moment you feel like it. If you face technical difficulties in getting the unsubscribe button to work (for any reason) just write to us at dev@barcafutbol.com and we will remove you from the list immediately.

There are some stories that I can read without subscribing to. The rest are gated. What's the difference?

Once in a while, we may publish a story to enable new readers to explore the quality of our content before they subscribe. But more than 90% of our content on this blog will only be available to those who subscribe. It's free and we won't ask for your card details or charge you for it.

I want to pay because I love your content. What can I do?

In time we may set up a tip jar or donation box. Tip us or leave a donation of your choice to support our work when it happens. In the future, if we consider taking payments we will inform you. You can choose to pay then or not.

You can always remain as a free member.

If you love our content just read, share, and recommend and that itself would be great.

Will you target me with ads?

We do not do paid advertising for any content on this blog as of this moment. We have a paid account on Twitter (X) and that's about it. That said we cannot promise that we never will. In case we do in the future, our paid ads will be aimed to advertise our content for new readers and not existing members

Will you use my data for ads?

No. We may use existing audience advertising options on platforms like Facebook/ Twitter/ Reddit etc without building custom audiences of our member emails.

Why do you use digital illustrations instead of images for your blogs? I love actual images of players and I don't like these illustrations.

We understand. And we can only say sorry. But image copyright and license is a real thing. All data, graphics, and images used for analysis in this blog is licensed and paid for. Beyond that, getting copyrighted player images is extremely costly and we simply do not have the money to invest in it right now. We also don't want to use images from Google which may or may not be copyrighted. We don't have the time to spend on finding that out.

So, we mostly use Adobe Illustrator or AI to create necessary player images. None of us are artists by profession, so yes some of you may not like the illustrations, but that's how we will proceed for now. I hope our content will be enough for you to adjust to this compromise for now until we find the necessary funding to invest in licensed player images.

Do you accept advertisements from other brands?

For the moment we don't. We may collaborate with other publications/ brands to promote a giveaway ( like a football t-shirt or a book on football) once in a while, but beyond that, we have no advertising tiers for now. Having said that we cannot rule out that possibility in the future. If and when we do, we will inform you about our policy around display, sponsored or advertorial options.