Iván Fresneda: The right-back jewel Xavi can't allow to slip away

Barcelona are in dire need of a right-back. Could Iván Fresneda be the chosen one? Should he be? Let's find out.

Barcelona have been looking for a player who could make the right-back spot his own since Dani Alves’ second coming. Many have tried and equally as many have failed. But for the first time in years, there are good options available for Xavi to choose from. One such option is Iván Fresneda, the 18-year-old Real Valladolid sensation.

However, he is not the only one. Players like João Cancelo, Juan Foyth and Arnau Martínez seem to be heavily linked to the Catalans as well. So who should Xavi choose between those four players?

To me, it’s quite simple; the riskiest but also the most rewarding of them all: Fresneda.