Oriol Romeu: The perfect band-aid for Barcelona's Busquets-sized wound

Oriol Romeu is a Blaugrana! But does this transfer solve any of Xavi's problems and if so, how?

Replacing Sergio Busquets is a truly unenviable task; one Barcelona have been racking their brains about for years now. And now, it’s staring them right in the face. Of course, being broke doesn’t help and for that reason, Xavi has had to ‘settle’ for Oriol Romeu, ex-LaMasia, Southampton and Girona player turned (back) Blaugrana.

So how can this relative unknown step into the shoes of the greatest number six Barcelona - and the world - have ever seen? Simple, he won’t. But that doesn’t mean he won’t do well.

Let’s dig in.