Pau Cubarsi - The Perfect Barcelona Highline Centre Back?

At 17, he has taken the Barca fan-base by storm, but what is his ceiling?

Pau Cubarsí, has literally taken Barca's fan-base by storm in the second half of the season.

A defensive jewel from the fabled halls of La Masia, at only 17, Cubarsi has become a vital cog of Barcelona's defense, reflecting a keen ability to anticipate opponent movements, intercept passes, and recover possession. His style is marked by his discipline in maintaining a high defensive line, crucial to Barcelona's pressing strategy and his capability to read the game. His defensive prowess is complemented by his contributions to the team's build-up play.

Known for his excellent long passing skills, Cubarsí has the ability to execute precise passes that aid in transitioning from defense to attack. His tactical understanding and decision-making on the field have been compared to legendary defenders and have led him to be labeled a "star of the future"