The truth behind Barcelona's triumphant transfer window

Bankrupt, debt-ridden, on the verge of liquidation? Here's the truth behind how FC Barcelona won this summer's transfer window despite financial struggles.

Hi, I’m Pablo Woolls-Blanco. A sports journalist who specialises in topics surrounding FC Barcelona. Today, I will be discussing the hot topic of this summer’s transfer window - Barcelona’s finances. Much debate has sprung up surrounding the success Barcelona have had in the most recent transfer market, and due to the club’s very public financial struggles, this is a topic that needs clear context and explanation. For me, it is a pleasure to write on this site, and I hope you all thoroughly enjoy the piece. If you want to keep posted on my journalistic movements, then feel free to head over to my Twitter, and drop me a follow over there: @PabloWBOfficial.

Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, Jules Koundé, and much more. How could Barcelona, a club in reportedly €1.3BN debt, with losses of up to €550M last season, dominate the transfer market and sign so many world-class players? Not long ago the club had to show the back door to their greatest ever player, Lionel Messi, so how come Barcelona have been unbeatable in the transfer market, with all of Europe’s most notorious stars desperate to move to Cataluña? Understanding Barcelona’s financial situation is perhaps as complicated as things can get for the ‘mere-mortal’ football fan, yet judging by reactions from managers, presidents and even reputable sports journalists, this topic needs explaining - clearly and properly. This article will dissect how Barcelona have been able to spend a fair amount of cash this summer and bring in so many world class players, despite the club’s very public financial struggles.