Vitor Roque: In-depth tactical analysis of his roles at Xavi's Barcelona

Vitor Roque is a new Barcelona player! But how does he fit and how can he be used in Xavi's system? Let's find out.

Even at 18 years old, Vitor Roque is a player who needs little introduction. The Brazilian forward has signed for Barcelona and is highly regarded as their present and future. Likened to superstars like Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero, and following in the footsteps of Luis Suarez and now Robert Lewandowski, Roque has big shoes to fill but also heaps of talent to make that a plausible scenario.

But how does he fit into Xavi’s Barcelona? Is he coming as Lewandowski’s current relief and future replacement? Or are there other ways the coach might put the 18-year-old to (good) use?

Let’s dive straight in.