Xavi leaves the building

The overwhelming question is why did this happen? But what if the question was "Was it supposed to be any different"?

Xavier Hernández Creus has left the building. Or to be precise, is about to, in a few months. There is caution in that sentiment though, because it might be earlier than that if Barca continue to play like this, or this, or this, or this. That would make a top-four finish nigh impossible, adding more drama to the entorno that seems to engulf the club in perpetuity.

We love our legends. Our heroes. And we often burden them with our own expectations. We want them to come in impossible circumstances to save us and ride into the golden sunset amid cheers and waving flags. That is why legends and heroes are so feted in human culture. They can sometimes help us live our expectations vicariously. Give us an escape to win, to do the impossible without doing it ourselves.

Nurture and nourish our core tribal instincts.